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Live Blogging Gonzaga vs. Texas A&M: Fast-Paced, Transition Basketball In Seattle

#2 Texas A&M University vs. #7 Gonzaga University

Time: 6:40 PM PST


Internet:  ESPN360

Both Gonzaga University and Texas A&M University coaches said that Saturday night's first round matchup between Gonzaga and the University of North Carolina was a fun game to be involved in.

Tonight's game between one of the top teams in the country and among the top point guards in the country should be another great game.

In addition to the great game that most people expect, there will be a couple of WNBA prospects, perhaps a fringe prospect, a definite prospect for next year, and two of the more entertaining coaches in the nation should make this one a great atmosphere.

Key players, relevant links, after the jump, live updates will appear in the comments.

Keys to the game:

Both of these teams like to run and get out in transition, both teams have a number of players able to score, and both shoot the ball relatively well.

A big difference is that Gonzaga likes to shoot the three ball a bit more -- just under 100 more attempts during the season -- and they have this point guard you may have heard of: Courtney Vandersloot. Against North Carolina on Saturday night, that three point shooting made the difference as Tiffanie Shives got hot and created the separation they needed.

For Texas A&M, they not only like to pressure, but coach Gary Blair is going to constantly change their defensive looks to keep opponents off balance. As Portland State coach Murrell said, everytime they took a timeout to adjust, he came with something different.

Players to watch:

Gonzaga point guard Courtney Vandersloot and Texas A&M wing Tanisha Smith are described below.


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