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Day 2 of March Madness: Cincinnati Sub-Regional Live Blogs & UCLA Game Thread

Our friend Kaci from WomenTalkSports is live blogging from the Cincinnati sub-regional. 

Although the DePaul-Vanderbilt game is coming to an end, you can join the Xavier-East Tennessee State game below:


And of course, I'm not bashful about my Pac-10 bias: I am full on rooting for Nikki Caldwell, Jasmine Dixon, and the UCLA Bruins to hold it down for the westside in Minneapolis against NC State. SBN's Bruins Nation is of course excited about that and will have a game thread that I will join barring unforeseen circumstances at 6:30 to watch that game. You can find that thread along with their analysis (which links to mine) here: UCLA vs NC State Game Breakdown.