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Strictly Come Dancing: Cleveland State, Horizon

Who? The Vikings of Cleveland State.

Where? Cleveland, OH, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (and former home of the Rockers).

When? Sunday the 14th in Green Bay, WI.

How? Viking starters played 196 of a possible 200 minutes, and Kailey Klein posted 23 points and 10 rebounds to beat Butler 66-57.

Upset? Yes. Fourth-seeded Cleveland State knocked out top-seeded Wisconsin-Green Bay in overtime in the semis before finishing off second-seeded Butler. Cleveland State was 11-7 in the Horizon, four games behind Green Bay.

RPI: 125

SOS: 148

What is it with Vikings and glass slippers this year? This is the second Viking team to pull an upset in its conference tournament. (Those of you who have been following this season's Strictly Come Dancing series can name the other immediately, of course.)

First-team All-Horizon Kailey Klein, a senior guard, leads the way for Cleveland State with 18.6 points and 7.3 rebounds per game. She gets help from junior guard Shawnita Garland, whose thirteen points per game are the other double-figure average for the Vikings, and whose five rebounds per game are third on the team. An average of three steals is pretty nice to have too. Overtime would appear to be their time, with all apologies to Maryland; in three overtime matches this season, they've outscored opponents 39-19.

Against Iona in Cancun and at home against Indiana are their best wins, and losing by two to Wisconsin isn't bad. Marshall and Kent State were their worst OOC losses, with some ugly ones in conference as well.