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Strictly Come Dancing: Texas A&M, Big XII

Who? The Aggies of Texas A&M.

Where? College Station, TX, home to the George Bush Presidential Library.

When? Sunday the 14th in Kansas City, MO.

How? 19 points from Danielle Adams led the way as A&M held on to a six-point halftime lead to win 74-67 over Oklahoma.

Upset? Yep. Texas A&M was the fourth seed and knocked out previously undefeated Nebraska in the semifinals before beating third-seeded Oklahoma.

RPI: 7

SOS: 3

I should probably let our esteemed Big XII contributor freelantz handle this, and I'm sure she'll bring a lot more in-depth analysis of the Big XII champions sometime during March Madness. But until then, I offer up this tiny morsel.

Three players score in double figures for the Aggies: junior forward Danielle Adams (16.0), senior guard Tanisha Smith (15.0), and sophomore guard Tyra White (10.7). Adams is also the team's leading rebounder at 5.7 per game (almost exactly half of them offensive!), but with five players snagging at least four boards a game, rebounding is clearly a team effort for Texas A&M. Junior guard Sydney Colson leads the team with 4.4 assists as half of a point guard platoon.

Best out of conference win is against Duke. But when you play Nebraska, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, and Texas in conference, you don't need an out of conference resume. A rough patch in late January/early February where the Aggies lost four out of five looks bad at first look, and the Texas Tech loss still isn't great, but again: the other three of those losses were at Baylor, at home to Oklahoma State, and at Nebraska.

If you need me, I'll be shutting up about the toughness of the Big East.