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Strictly Come Dancing: Lehigh, Patriot

Who? The Mountain Hawks of Lehigh. (They used to be the Engineers.  I sort of like that better.)

Where? Bethlehem, PA, which, yes, was founded on Christmas.

When? Saturday the 13th in Bethlehem, PA.

How? Lehigh held American to 23.6% shooting from the field, which made Alex Ross's 13 points enough to lead the Mountain Hawks to the Patriot League title, 58-42.

Upset? Nope. Lehigh won the regular season title with a 13-1 record, tied with American.

RPI: 58


When Lehigh's long-range attack is on, it's on, especially with a guard like senior Alex Ross, who's got 234 attempts on the season. She's third on the team in scoring, averaging 10.9. Junior guard Erica Prosser is the team's leading scorer, putting up 14 points per game to go with just over four assists and more than two steals. Sophomore forward Erica Gratch also scores in double figures with 12.4 points per contest. Senior guard Tricia Smith's 6.0 rebounds per game are tops on the team, but with only two rotation players over 6'0", the Mountain Hawks rely heavily on team rebounding to get the ball.

They have good wins over Villanova and St. Bonaventure, both at home. All three of their losses are on the road: at Vanderbilt, at Princeton, and at American. It's been more than two months since Lehigh has lost... but it's also been more than two months since Lehigh has been challenged.