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Strictly Come Dancing: Hampton, MEAC

Who? The Lady Pirates of Hampton.

Where? Hampton, VA, one of forty-two independent cities in the United States.

When? Saturday the 13th in Winston-Salem, NC.

How? Would-be Cinderella South Carolina State was no match for the 17/16 double-double that Melanie Warner put up to lead three Hampton players in double figures, as the Lady Pirates won 57-46.

Upset? Not really. Though Hampton was the second seed, they faced the eighth seed in the MEAC, as South Carolina State knocked out top-seeded North Carolina A&T.

RPI: 131

SOS: 203

For the Lady Pirates, the star is junior forward Quanneisha Perry, a member of the All-MEAC First Team and the MEAC's Defensive Player of the Year. Her 13.0 points and 9.3 rebounds lead the team. What I like about her statistically is that almost half her rebounds are offensive; what bothers me about her stats is that she's fouled out of six games. She's the only Lady Pirate to average in double figures, though sophomore guards Jericka Jenkins and Bernadette Fortune are a hair under at 9.8 and 9.7 respectively, and both average over three assists as well.

Their best win, unfortunately, is over Bryant of the NEC. A nine-point loss to Georgia Tech is nothing to be ashamed of, though. Losing in conference to Coppin State was not good.