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Strictly Come Dancing: Louisiana Tech, WAC

Who? The Lady Techsters of Louisiana Tech.

Where? Ruston, LA, which... as far as I can tell, is only known for Louisiana Tech.

When? Saturday the 13th in Reno, NV.

How? Shanavia Dowdell's 20-19 double-double led four players in double figures as the Lady Techsters came back to beat Fresno State 68-66.

Upset? Yes. Louisiana Tech was the second seed in the WAC tournament, finishing five games behind Fresno State in the regular season.

RPI: 86

SOS: 174

It's been a while since Louisiana Tech's been to the tournament, but anyone who doubted that Teresa Weatherspoon would get them there would have been making a very stupid mistake.  NEVER count Spoon out.  (Also, please don't mispronounce her name.  It's WEATHERspoon.  Calling her Witherspoon will cause many televisions in New York to be broken.  Please.  Think of the televisions.)

Two-time WAC Player of the Year Shanavia Dowdell leads the attack for Louisiana Tech: the senior forward averages 17.6 points and 12.2 rebounds, both team highs. What intrigues me about her is her ability to play with foul trouble- despite playing almost 35 minutes per game, and being her team's primary post option, she hasn't fouled out of a game this season. She gets help on the inside from junior forward Adrienne Johnson, whose 16.5 points and 7.2 rebounds are second on the team. Also averaging in double figures is junior guard Whitney Jones, a three-point shooter who can get hot at a moment's notice.

Louisiana Tech's worst loss is in conference, a home loss to Utah State. Their best out-of-conference win is a 63-52 win at Western Kentucky. If close losses count, then the Lady Techsters can argue that they've competed with BCS teams, coming close against LSU, Mississippi State, and Baylor.