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Strictly Come Dancing: Bowling Green, MAC

Who? The Falcons of Bowling Green.

Where? Bowling Green, OH, in the northern part of the state.

When? Saturday the 13th, in Cleveland, OH.

How? 29 points by Lauren Prochaska were enough to counter three Rockets in double figures as the Falcons beat Toledo 62-53.

Upset? Nope. Bowling Green won the Eastern Division by two games over Kent State, and at 14-2 boasted the best record in the MAC.

RPI: 54

SOS: 139

Bowling Green's been here before, though the MAC's most memorable tournament victory belongs to Ball State, who knocked Tennessee out in the first round last year. Today's win gave the Falcons their tenth MAC title.

Bowling Green is led by two-time MAC Player of the Year Lauren Prochaska. The junior forward averages 17.5 points and 5.7 rebounds, both team highs. Second-team junior guard Tracy Pontius adds 11.9 points per game; both she and senior guard Tamika Nurse average over three assists per game. The numbers individually don't seem to tell the story for the Falcons, but together, they take care of business, outscoring their opponents by 14 points a game.

Out of conference, their best win is a 66-60 victory over Vanderbilt. Their worst loss is in conference, to Central Michigan; they also lost a couple of mid-major deathmatches by five points each at Hartford and Marist.