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Strictly Come Dancing: Tulane, Conference USA

Who? The Green Wave of Tulane.

Where? New Orleans, LA; Tulane hosted the longest field goal in NFL history.

When? Friday the 12th, in Tulsa, OK.

How? The Green Wave ripped off a 22-2 run to open the game and held off some fierce runs from the Blazers to beat UAB, 62-54.

Upset? Nope. Tulane held off just about everyone and their mother to take the regular-season crown in a tightly contested conference, finishing 12-4, two games ahead of Southern Methodist, Memphis, and Houston.

RPI: 49

SOS: 104

Come tournament time, there's always talk about teams getting hot at the right time, and if the big runs Tulane's used to win its last two games are any indication, the Green Wave is... well, rolling.

Tulane is paced by the 13.2 points per game of senior guard Chassity Brown, a second-team All-C-USA performer. With C-USA Coach of the Year Lisa Stockton at the helm, it's clear that Tulane's players know their roles, and perform them to perfection. Sophomore center Brett Benzio is the team's leading rebounder, pulling down 7.4 per game and establishing herself as a presence in the middle, while junior guard Roshaunda Barnes hands out 4.25 assists per game and racks up over two steals. Junior guards Danielle Nunn and Tiffany Aidoo also average double figures in scoring for the Green Wave.

Their worst loss was to Liberty at Navy's tournament in November. Their best win was at home against Texas Tech, and they edged South Florida in Tampa; they also brought LSU to overtime.