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"Stay Strong, Play On": Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day in Pictures

In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, members of the Women Talk Sports network were asked to submit their favorite photos of women in sports from the past year. The result is the slideshow below showing women doing everything from playing basketball to wake boarding. You will notice a few NCAA and WNBA photos from Swish Appeal photographers.

For more on National Girls and Women in Sports Day, please see the event page for more information about what's going on nationwide in celebration of female athletes.

National Girls & Women in Sports Day | Women Talk Sports | The first online blog network for women's sports
Thousands of coaches, athletic directors, recreation directors, sports educators, association members, students, sponsors and parents across the country will show their support for National Girls & Women in Sports Day. This year's theme is "Stay Strong, Play On."

NGWSD is a special day for girls and women to celebrate their participation in sports and athletics. This day is the perfect opportunity to let others know how many girls & women Title IX has helped and how much it has truly accomplished.