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"Swish Appeal Integrates Access With Analysis And Voice - Blog Huddle"

Swish Appeal Integrates Access With Analysis And Voice - Blog Huddle
Yes, it is "only" women's basketball which doesn't exactly have "mass" appeal but there's no denying the great work being done by Q McCall over at "Swish" Appeal.

Q is currently going around the entire WNBA, conducting phone interviews with head coaches or GM's for each team and then smoothly integrating their responses into his already excellent statistical, positional and salary analysis. His approach goes beyond the typical Q and A type interview to mix in what's always been the purview of the blog with a true insider's perspective giving fans a highly valuable and unique vision into their teams.

So far he's done the Sun, Lynx and Dream with more to come. I've heard from a source in the WNBA that Q's work is quickly gaining notice and recognition in front offices and this only helps raise the overall profile and reputation of the entire network.

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