Stanford vs. Washington State, Round II

Sorry C and R are late talking about the Stanford Women’s Basketball game against Washington State, but C went to play in the snow and she has the keys to the computer.

To recap, Stanford won. The End.

Well, okay Stanford scored 98 to their 67 and to be fair, senior Jayne Appel had a great night, scoring 25 points and getting 14 rebounds. Many remarked she looked like the Jayne of old, well, of last year. So much so that the PAC-10 gave her the PAC-10 Player of the Week Award. This is her first Player of the Week Award this season. She won it seven other times over the last three years, for a total of 8. Candice Wiggins won it 9 times in her four year career.

Nneka Ogwumike added 21 points and Kayla Pedersen had 13 and when you get our trio of trees involved, they are hard to stop and we are going to win games. Our baby tree, Joslyn Tinkle (tinkle bells) also added 12. Nice to see such an offensive output and spread around as well.
Oh, one thing C and R did manage to catch on TV was the UConn v Oklahoma game on TV. Imagine our glee when we discovered UConn was actually losing! And in the second half, too! Then UConn went on a patented 13-2, lead by Maya Moore and won 76-60.

The next two games will be your last chance to see Stanford on their home court in the regular season. Thursday is a Pink Zone Night, where you are encouraged to wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. We are playing the high flying Oregon team, coming off a four game win streak, the last two against the Arizona teams.

Then Saturday come on out and bring your hankies as it is senior night and Stanford will have a ceremony for its seniors, Jayne Appel among them There are other seniors of course, but with red-shirting and knee injuries C and R never know who is senior at the moment and who is not. That game is at 7 PM against Oregon State, not the stated 8 PM. Got it?

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