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Diana Taurasi Link Roundup: Patience Required Until January 2 Test

When petrel originally posted the link to Turkish newspaper Milliyet's report of Diana Taurasi testing positive for drugs yesterday morning, I think he took the right approach: skepticism.

But from that leak, we have a WNBA off-season story that was on ESPN and everything.

Now after Taurasi's lawyer said in a statement last night the test would be delayed, Turkish newspaper Takvim is reporting that the second test will take place on January 2.

And with everyone including the AP likely to remain behind the Turkish papers on this matter, it's clear that the facts are more likely to get lost in translation before the clarity of that second test is brought to light.

Update - 12/24/10 at 11:09 am PST:

As posted by commenter Jaanis the substance detected in the first test was Modafinil, as released by the Turkish Basketball Federation (click here for a translated link). Seth Pollack at SBN Arizona states his reasoning for why what we know now gives reason for why the current facts point to a positive second test. His entire piece is worth reading, but looking forward, if indeed the "B" test turns up positive, Pollack describes that Modafinil is certainly a performance enhancing stimulant but her reason for using it will remain unclear so speculating about her intent is pointless.

Diana Taurasi Drug Test Results Calls For Hope, Skepticism And Patience - SBN Arizona
If it turns out the sample is confirmed and Taurasi is determined to have taken a banned substance in violation of the various anti-doping rules then much of this comes down to intent.

The drug Modafinil has been on the list of banned substances since 2004 because it can help athletes increase performance. It is also a drug used for other purposes such as creating enhanced states of happiness and alertness. This 2009 Time Magazine article describes its addictive properties as it debunks the idea that Modafinil is a "safe party drug".

Did she take the drug to increase athletic performance? As a "party drug"? For some other purpose? Unless Taurasi releases a statement it is unlikely we would ever know that answer.

If she did use Modafinil, we won't know for some time how her intentions for using the drug influence the consequences for being caught, but at the very least we have to suspend judgment of Taurasi's character until that information is released.

More updates in the comments; links after the jump.


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