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Geno's Institutes His Own Version of the "Three Second Rule"

You've heard of the three second rule.  I actually know of two different ones:  you can't stand in the lane on offense for three seconds without leaving the paint, and if a piece of food drops on the floor, if you pick it up in less than three seconds it's still safe to eat.

Today, after practice the media discovered a new three second rule instituted by UConn coach Geno Auriemma for the Huskies.  This doesn't involve that particular area in the paint, but it does involve getting something off the floor fast, before something happens - your body.

It seems in practie recently the Huskies have been falling a lot.  The coaches aren't sure what has caused this recent epidemic, but they have decided on the cure.  If you're not up in three seconds, you're injured, and have to leave the game.  Geno said you've never seen players move so fast to get up with this one!

Dishin & Swishin: Geno's New Three Second Rule

6'5 center Stefanie Dolson confirmed the rule,, but did add it was a lot easier for someone like Tiffany Hayes to follow than herself, as 6'5 takes a while to get off the ground.

So if you are watching UConn vs Holy Cross or Baylor next week, keep one eye on a fallen Husky, and see if they can beat Geno's three second rule.