On Courtney Vandersloot's Selection To The Wooden Preseason List


From SBN Seattle: There have always been concerns that her rather slight 5'9" frame would prevent her from advancing to the next level, as she was not heavily recruited out of high school, being passed over by Pac-10 teams in the region. Some still believe that will prevent her from becoming a productive WNBA player. But coach Kelly Graves provides some perspective for Gonzaga basketball fans. "If you looked at her if you (were) in a pickup game, she might be the last player you picked," Graves said in a March article by Howie Stalwick of The Olympian. "But so was John Stockton." I can say without hesitation that Vandersloot was the best point guard I saw last season on the west coast. Others around the country might have strong arguments for best in the nation. But I'm looking forward to seeing her play this year.