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Team USA vs WNBA All Stars

As previously reported in the Hartford Courant and confirmed today with an official announcement, the WNBA will once again hold its all-star game at the Mohegan Sun reservation in Connecticut. In what President Donna Orender called a "twist", this year Geno Auriemma's Team USA will compete against a squad comprised of other WNBA all-stars.

Fans will still have the opportunity to vote on the top five players from each conference with the WNBA coaches filling out their side and the remaining members of Team USA completing that roster.

Coach Auriemma said that this format would give Team USA to play a game together prior to the World Championships in late September against the strongest opponent they would face all year.

A reporter from Minnesota did ask about the possibility of holding a WNBA All-Star Game either in the mid-west or western part of the country to which President Orender gave a standard response about business decisions, multiple factors, looking into it, etc. etc.