"Summit disappointed that Kiffin left UT"


OK, so clowning on a mercenary football coach like Lane Kiffin is already getting kinda old... Everybody from Charles Barkley to Tennessee clergy is doing it... But -- fair or not -- at how many schools could the women's basketball coach publicly own the football coach? Tennessee's legendary women's basketball coach Pat Summit didn't just jump in on the Kiffin bashing with a witty one liner -- she gave him a public mini-lecture about right and wrong like a parent might do an adolescent child. "You tell me you’re leaving Tennessee and one of the great stadiums there is and tradition that Bob Neyland made into something special?" she asked. "Tennessee is one of the greatest jobs in all of college football because of that tradition and you just don’t walk away from it like that. I don’t care if it is Southern Cal, you just don’t walk away from Tennessee like that, especially after just one year when you’ve been out there making all those promises." When a legendary coach with the most wins in college basketball history -- men or women's -- speaks, those still searching for a coaching identity should probably listen. Read more: