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Mercury @ Sparks WCF Game One Thread: Who's Got the Advantage?

If you believe that either team has a clear advantage in the Western Conference Finals match between the Phoenix Mercury and the Los Angeles Sparks, I have to think that you are either full of hot air or clairvoyant.

Either way, if you do have some insight, please do share and help me escape my confusion.

After watching the Sparks in Seattle last week and reading Phoenix Stan's interview with Julie Hairgrove as well as Ben York's series preview, I have no idea who has the edge entering this series:

Sparks Still Peaking Entering the Western Conference Finals

Scouting the Sparks with the Brains of the Operation

Mercury Needs Team Effort to Get By Sparks

I suppose on a very surface level, you could say the Mercury have the edge by virtue of having home court advantage...but then again...if the Sparks take game 1 at home, I would not bet against them winning 1 of 2 road games the way they are starting to play now.

Yes, as a basketball fan without any sort of rooting interest in this series, I'm excited.

If you're watching at home -- or even on your mobile device at the game -- join us on the game thread for the game at 7pm PST tonight and watch this mystery unfold...

Update: Pelton picks the Mercury in a two game sweep.