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Silver Stars @ Mercury: Game 3 Thread

Do or die. Win or go home.






Try not to get the jist. It's a big game. Should be fun. No predictions from me but I will go out on a limb and say that it should be closer than Saturday.

By now you know the players or you wouldn't be here. I have a few quotes from Cappie, Temeka (on guarding Hammon) and Sophia that I will get posted before the game starts.

Temeka Johnson talking about Becky Hammon the way the team defended her in game 2

"That's one thing you have to do as team collectively. We have to trust each other and believe that we can get the job done as a whole and I think that's the mindset that we had. You respect her. Of course you are going to have to pay more attention to her then you would most others but you just have to respect the player that she is and her capabilities and concentrate on what it is that we have to do."

Cappie Pondexter talking about game 3 and how to match the Silver Stars aggression and determination

"I'm sure, I'm sure they will have the energy but for us it's a matter of sustaining the energy level for all four quarters. I think that's the important thing. The X-factor (the Mercury crowd) was awesome in the last game and I hope we can feed off that energy again tonight."

Sophia Young talking about any hangover effect from game 2 on Saturday and about the keys to beating Phoenix

"It really doesn't. Phoenix, they're a team that scores a lot in transition and so we know that they are capable of playing a game like that. We've just got to worry about playing our game and playing with intensity....I think the main thing was Diana and Cappie being more aggressive and their team kind of feeds off of them and so whenever they get themselves going it's difficult to win."