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Around the Web: Fever Move On, Mercury Battle On and Tulsa Soliders On

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Heck yeah! Great stuff from this Tulsa columnist, Jay Cronley on why Tulsa fans should ignore the negativity coming out of Oklahoma City for their bid to land a WNBA franchise

Tulsa World: WNBA team in Tulsa is a great idea
If you would rather stay home and watch The Unreal Mobile Home Wives of Bakersfield instead of attend a WNBA game, it won't cost you a dime. A row of basketball players is not as intimidating as a row of slot machines. To summarize the situation as it stands today, one fine reason to support the inclusion of a WNBA team into the local fabric is because so many dummies are against it without knowing exactly why.

Fever down Mystics in OT to advance and face the Shock

I guess Cappie isn't the only one to lose track of the score

Game 2: Fever 81, Mystics 74 - Mystics Insider -
*One of the strangest moments of the night came at the end of regulation but I'm not sure if the NBATV telecast caught it. When the buzzer sounded Plank started walking toward the Indiana bench as though her team had lost in regulation before being stopped by a referee and reminded that the game was going to overtime. She said afterward she had just been overwhelmed by the emotion of the game and lost track of what happened.


I didn't get a chance to watch much of either Eastern Conference series but I am darn sure going to watch the Fever / Shock match up

Fever must face familiar nemesis to reach the WNBA Finals | | The Indianapolis Star


Can the Mercury stay hot on Monday for game 3?

WNBA Western Conference Semifinal: Mercury Boils Over the Silver Stars — Full Court Press

Mercury even series with Silver Stars
My man Odeen breaks down the game for the AZ Republic

Silver Stars scorched by Mercury
The Mercury set several scoring records in game 2. This article spells out the details

Other interesting links and such

Mercury GM Meyers holds spot in history
Ken Tullo is a Los Angeles-based sports TV producer who is writing a book and producing a movie about Meyers' tryout. Well get a load of that! A book and movie about AMD!

Leslie making most of final games with Sparks --
As great as Leslie is and as much as she's done for the game, I am not going to be sad to see her go. Time to move on.


Another great playoff game today and Q will be there with the call report

STORM: Insider Preview - Storm vs. Los Angeles (Game 3)
KP previews Sunsday big Storm / Sparks match up. Obviously, odds favor the Sparks but I would not be the least surprised to see Seattle win this game. They are so well coached and defensively get it done which against the Sparks is a bit easier despite all their collective talent.