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My Favorite Christmas Song Ever

The Duke University women's basketball team put together a goofy little Merry Christmas video that elicited a smile (I'm an easy laugh).

However, one of the goofiest Christmas videos from a basketball team I've seen is probably this one from the Denver Nuggets, who play the Portland Trailblazers tonight at 10:30 pm EST.

Nevertheless, Christmas for me is about childhood memories, family and all that good stuff, and this video remains my all-time favorite, must-listen-to song for me (and my sister...and yes, we're both adults) every Christmas, much to the dismay of my father...

Now I'm not an irrational person -- I might entertain the possibility that there might be some other song that qualifies as the best Christmas song ever, but this one is just hard to beat.

Can't you remember the feeling of hardly being able to stand the wait for something as simple as a hula hoop, that would be the same rounded piece of plastic any other time of the year???

How I long for simpler times...

Merry Christmas...