Could Fans Run a WNBA Team Better Than the Current Owners?


In the name of fan power, one of SBN’s newest sites – Front Office Fans – has its sights set on buying a minor league baseball franchise and allowing fans to run it using a combination of social media at "ProjectFranchise is just bringing this power to the people: we're buying a more affordable minor league team, bringing on 20,000-30,000 other like-minded sports nuts to become the 'PF Team Players', actually asking for only pocket change and then letting the PF Team Players vote on decisions that the real-life Team Captains will execute on. We’re just going to make it more fun by having people vote on every decision, big or small – so the PF Team Players will not only be able to pick a new roster, but also decide if we serve spicy or yellow mustard with our hot dogs." Which makes me wonder – would it be possible to do something similar for a WNBA franchise? Which franchise would you choose for a fan takeover? A cool idea and I wish them luck. (Obviously, I would love just about anyone to assume ownership of my beloved Golden State Warriors) Fun food for thought for the Friday doldrums…