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The WNBA "connects"! (Web 2.0 positive reinforcement)

As an educator, I believe in the mantra that for every negative comment you make about someone you should make three positive comments, to help reinforce and encourage positive interactions.

It's sort of hard to do, but I like working on it.

In a April 27th post, I wrote the following:
Yet I would argue the WNBA could still do some tiny things to better utilize the social media it is working with. Women’s Professional Soccer is still by far one the leaders in utilizing social media if you ask me.

It’s not just about having a Facebook/MySpace presence or having a YouTube page but making people aware of those things and, you know, actually making them seem like they are an integral part of what the organization does and how it builds community.

Case in point: from the front page of the WPS website, I can find 8 different ways to connect with the league on the main navigation bar. It’s a button even…that says connect.

The WNBA has both a YouTube and Facebook presence but you have to scroll down the page to find out about the Facebook link and after a few minutes of looking, I have yet to find a link to their YouTube page.
One negative.

Yesterday, I saw a link to the WNBA's new "Connect" page on RebKell...which is accessible from a button on the home page labeled "Connect"...

Three positives:

1. Thank you WNBA for making your social media presence more visible from your home page.

2. Thank you for consolidating the various social media presences you have in one central place.

3. Thank you for providing a link to your YouTube page.

(OK, #3 is sort of weak because it's really like 2b.... but I told you this is kinda hard)

I look forward to paying the WNBA a lot more compliments in the future... :)