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Blog clog

Somehow, I've got all of these half-finished posts sitting on my computer waiting to be posted... and it seems like their shelf-life is running out... but I thought I would give a heads up before the barrage of "old news".

Here's the preview:
  • More on blogging and journalism
  • Some additional perspective on Malcolm Gladwell
  • A look at former black WNBA players coaching in the NCAA
  • My excitement about WNBA LiveAccess
  • My lukewarmness about the new Expect Great commercials (reflecting of course on the originals that inspired this blog)
I really wanted to get all of these things out of the way before the pre-season started (you know, when there's like actually basketball being played) but I didn't so maybe I'll save them for dead spots in the pre-season, thus letting their timeliness decay even further.... hmmm... that's uplifting and inspiring... ;)