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Kudos to Women's NCAA BB for Actually Graduating "Student-Athletes"

The other day I posted about how the WNBA's age limit is a good thing in terms of keeping basketball in perspective and making sure female basketball players stay in school relative to their male counterparts.

Tangentially related (though not necessarily related at all) is this report from the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport:
...the numbers in the 2009 Graduation Rate and Academic Progress Report re-emphasize the results of the smaller compilation. Sixty one women's teams (98%)graduated at least 50%, compared to 40 men's teams (63%.) 97% (60) women's teams graduated at least 60%, compared to 30 (48%) of the men's. Fifty women's teams (81%) graduated at least 70%, only 22 (35%) of the men's teams could point to similar results.
I think education is good. So this is impressive. Hope the women's side continues this trend.