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Who Would You Choose as the Hypothetical 2008 WNBA All-Stars?

One of the funniest straight-faced excuses I heard a high school classmate give for not doing homework was, "Well, the paper is written, it's just still in my head." Brilliant -- I'm sure it made that teacher's day.

Well, taking a cue from some (all?) of my other favorite WNBA blogs, I'm gonna take the weekends off during the Olympic break...although I'll probably end up writing something and just keeping it in my head. I promise I'll post it by Monday.

One thing already going in my head is a post picking the hypothetical 2008 WNBA All-Stars by the numbers (and from those an MVP).

Who would you choose as hypothetical Eastern and Western Conference all-star teams? And why? Who would get the dubious honor of being the overrated fan choice this year?

I have some (non-Leilani Mitchell) ideas of my own but would love to hear the thoughts of others.

And if you're missing the WNBA as much as I am, I would love to hear more feedback on what I've done so far this season -- good, bad, or ugly. Maybe take a look at some of the most popular posts in the archives (a tab on the sidebar to the right) or drop me an idea for what to write in the future...or something I should never attempt again.

This is also a good time to thank folks at a few other WNBA blogs (not to diss non-WNBA blogs) for their ongoing support, links, and/or insight that keep me writing: the Women's Hoops blog, the Pleasant Dreams blog, the Storm Tracker, GBBrecruit, Ladies Court, The Arbitrarian blog, Swanny's Stats, and 5280ft. And of course, anybody else who has dropped me a note of encouragement/commented throughout the season.

See you Monday.