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First Olympic Weekend; Time For a Writing Break

I'll be using the weekend for a writing break again and look forward to seeing how the 39 WNBA stars perform in Beijing.

(To keep up with all the sights and sounds in Beijing, check out the little widget below.)

And a brief moment of idealism -- The best part about the Olympics though is that it is essentially a much-needed celebration of the human spirit. Of course, good intentions alone will never solve the world's problems, so I won't make any claims about the "power" of the Olympics. But as a representation of the human spirit at its best, I do think it's a time to step back and reflect on a higher vision of human interaction. Ravi Antani writes:
When in our time do we get to do something like this? When do we get to revel in the purity of cultural immersion, bridged borders, and triumph? When does the news get dominated by celebrating the power of human resolve? Where can so many hands shake that would otherwise never shake?

That's the power of sports, of these Olympic Games. It has the power to bring people together, to foster peace, and once upon a time, to stop wars. What else has had the power to stop wars?
As difficult as it is to apply these principles to the complexity of "real life", it's worth taking the time to appreciate those who take pride in playing a sport simply because it brings them great joy at some level. It's something I really enjoy and the reason why I love sports. (please allow me to ignore the inevitable doping tests that will be failed and those that have endorsement deals riding on the games).

Enjoy the weekend and see you Monday.