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What does "The Heart of the Game" Illustrate About Title IX?

The Title IX blog has an interesting post on the excellent documentary "The Heart of the Game" and what Darnellia Russell's story illustrates about the interplay of race & gender for black female athletes.

Brake and Williams use the film to explore some undertheorized aspects of Title IX's applicability to athletics, including its limitations in providing access to African-American teenagers to opportunities in sport. Such limitations arise not only from the statute's focus on the single axis of sex discrimination, but also from the interplay of racial stereotypes that operate to particular effect on black female athletes, as well as patterns of segregation that create inequities in the public education on the whole.

I am unfortunately unable to read the actual article, but it's a subject well worth future exploration, theoretically and in terms of its practical implications.

What are some other examples of the interplay of race and gender in Title IX?

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