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LA Sparks Respond To Sexist Comments

Got this from the Rebkell forum this morning...

LA Sparks "kidnap" journalist Mark Kriski for sexist comments

Lisa Leslie was on point!

It's definitely good that the Sparks held him accountable for his comments, which should never be tolerated from a news outlet...or anyone for that matter.

At the same time it's sad for three reasons:

1. The fact that he felt comfortable -- and justified -- saying that during a broadcast while sitting next to three women is a problem and I think Leslie addressed that.

2. But he clearly did not take this approach very seriously. I'm not convinced that was a sincere apology...and it would have been nice to apologize to his daughter, at the very least. With the spotlight on him, he seemed to try to turn it into some kind of exclusive interview opportunity where he was the celebrity journalist.

3. Like Don Imus, it seems that instead of taking responsibility for his comment, he dismissed it as trivial. I get the feeling that he went home more excited about his visit to Staples Center than remorseful about how offensive his comment was.

The naive idealist in me wishes we would get to a point where people no longer feel comfortable making such public comments about their daughters. Until then, I think it's important that people are willing to challenge such comments.