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"The Game You're Missing"

A nice article from Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe about the WNBA.

The headline says it all.

In fact, the WNBA should take note of this headline -- it could make for a solid marketing campaign...

The sheer speed and flow of the game stunned me. I had run into Laimbeer in Detroit the week before and he had told me he would liken the current WNBA game to the men's game of the early '80s. It's still not being played above the rim, and probably never will be, which doesn't bother me one little bit. So Laimbeer was talking about speed and style of play, absent the dunks. And he was correct.

I realize that no amount of preaching will stir the average lunkhead male to go see a WNBA game. If I thought these people actually knew anything about basketball, I'd say it's their loss.