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Rookie of the Year Race is as Good as Advertised

There was more than a little skepticism amongst WNBA fans this year about just how good the "Three to See" would actually be. Was it going to be all hype? Could the top three draft picks make an...

Analyzing 3 to See's first time on All-Star ballot

A look at the early returns for WNBA All-Star Game voting and how popular and/or successful the "3 to See" have been after a third of their rookie season.

Links: Griner, gender, and the NBA

In recent weeks - and even not so recent weeks - the subject of Brittney Griner stands as a hot topic in many circles. Here's a quick look at some of the most recent high-profile pieces on the...

Open thread: Is the draft class really a "Big 3?"


Hmmmmm..... Feel free to speak your mind on whether you think so in this thread!


"Big Three" discuss what they need to work on

During yesterday's visit to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, the projected top three prospects for the 2013 WNBA Draft discussed what they plan to work on in their senior years and the...

VIDEO: Brittney Griner's 360 dunk

As if she needed more hype heading into the 2012 women's basketball season, Brittney Griner showed the boys how she does it at Midnight Madness. And she does it pretty well, I might add.

How the Phoenix Mercury played chess and won


Either Corey Gaines is a sly genius or the luckiest man on earth. I’ll go with the former.

Brittney Griner's decision not to go to Olympics


Brittney Griner won't be taking the last spot on the 2012 United State Olympic team this year, due to school and family obligations. It's a decision worthy of respect, not derision

"Dirty Dancing"? Baylor Men's And Women's Basketball To Face Possible Sanctions


The Baylor basketball teams, fresh off a women's national championship and a men's Elite Eight appearance, might be dancing to a different tune soon. Here's a look at the women involved, including...

Brittney Griner Will Be Back At Baylor For Senior Season


Just minutes after the Baylor Lady Bears cut down the 2012 NCAA women's basketball championship nets, the talk was already swirling - yet again - about the potential of Baylor's phenomenal center...

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