Team Factors and Possessions: Describing a Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Having looked at the style and value of a team’s performance, today I’m going to move on to describing the substance of a team’s strengths and weaknesses that contribute to success (or failure). Once a team’s strengths and weaknesses are established, it’s also possible to look at each individual’s contribution to those strengths and weaknesses.

Describing Team Styles

Returning to the UConn’s big victory over Stanford, rhythm and synergy played a major role in flow of the game, if we believe that the words of commentators, coaches, and players were more than empty rhetoric. The question is how to measure those nebulous concepts in a way that represents what one might observe.

Putting Games in Perspective with Model-Estimated Value: UConn Sets a Standard for Excellence

Just as UConn coach Geno Auriemma pushed former point guard Jennifer Rizzotti, the question that is often difficult to answer by looking at wins and final scores is how well a team played on a given night within the broader context of previous performances. How close was a team to that standard of perfection they pursue, independent of the final score?

Illuminating the Black Box: Using Statistics to Understand Women's College Basketball

Basketball statistics should be used to complement, not replace, the subjective beauty of games like basketball. So the question is: what details should we be looking to illuminate with the numbers, especially in a game like women's college basketball?

Describing Point Guard Styles

Given that I’ve made posts this week about San Antonio point guard Becky Hammon, Atlanta point guard Shalee Lehning, and a game that featured Washington point guard Lindsey Harding, you probably...

The (Tentative) Rethinking Basketball Rookie Ranking Framework

This is my explanation of how I created my first rookie rankings this season. Those rankings can be found here.I return to a January 2008 article by Bradford Doolittle at Basketball Prospectus,...

Finding the formula for team chemistry…or

A few weeks ago, PT from the Pleasant Dreams blog commented that "chemistry" didn’t seem like quite the right word to describe what I’m looking at since that implies that players don’t get...

Visualizing The WNBA’s Top Player Combinations: The Player Styles Spectrum

David Sparks at the Arbitrarian blog has created a novel graphical visualization of WNBA playing styles, which I think is a step forward in player analysis. Hopefully, it enables a deeper analysis of team dynamics, perhaps reinforcing and extending my thinking with some stronger data.

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