NCAA women's basketball championship week open thread: ACC, Atlantic 10, Ohio Valley, SEC schedules and TV times


Tournament season is upon us!

Today a number of conferences around the nation will open tournament play with bubble teams looking to establish themselves as NCAA tournament worthy and teams outside of Big Dance discussion looking to defy the odds and get an automatic bid.

We'll have people covering a few tournaments in person (and from behind their computer screens) as well as leaning on other sites around the SB Nation college network for coverage, but we'll begin the day with an open thread to discuss the day's action and post schedules.

You're free to contribute additional links, photos, previews or recaps of interest to you in the fanshot section; if you're actually attending a tournament and want to summarize the day's action, we'd love to see your thoughts.

Anyway, working out a format here that we can use for the next couple of weeks, but for now let's go with this:

  • Some basic resources for nitty gritty data
  • Schedules and broadcast info
  • Previews from around SB Nation (give them clicks, if you get a chance - people will cover stuff that gets clicks and the more sites covering WBB around the network, the more independent voices there are covering WBB).
  • For the first day of a tournament, I'll direct you to SB Nation sites that have covered their women's basketball teams consistently.
  • Recaps: We'll post recaps from other SBN sites on our front page as we get them. We'll have selected recaps from games around the nation otherwise.

If there's other info that would be helpful or some of this just isn't, let us know in the comments. Simple goal here though: make it easier on you to watch and enjoy this stuff without having to spend all night hunting it down.


Predictions: Sagarin

Bracketology: Charlie Creme | S-Factor

Statistics: WBB State

ACC tournament

Schedule: ACC Scores and Schedules | Bracket

Broadcast: ESPN3

Previews: Terps to open play Friday

Relevant SBN sites:

Atlantic 10 tournament

Schedule: 2014 Women's Basketball Championship Centra

Broadcast info: A10 Digital Network

Ohio Valley tournament


Broadcast info: ESPN3

2014 SEC women's basketball tournament

Schedule: Women's Basketball Championships

Broadcast info: Fox Sports South/Sports South

Previews: SEC Women's Tournament Preview | Reason to Believe

Relevant SBN sites:

Feel free to drop your thoughts on the events of the day - tournaments & otherwise - in the comments as well as any other longer commentaries on the postseason in the fanshots or fanpost area.

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