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Breaking news: Teri Moren is named the new Indiana coach


Potential candidates for the Indiana job


Breaking: Curt Miller resigns from Indiana


Purdue's Sharon Versyp receives contract extension through 2019-20


"Sharon has built a solid foundation for sustained success," said senior associate athletics director Nancy Cross, who oversees the women’s basketball program. "Her competitive fire burns brightly, just as it did when she was a Boilermaker student-athlete, and our program is in a strong position to compete for championships with Sharon at the helm."

Purdue Athletics

Rutgers and C. Vivian Stringer agree on new contract extension


Does having a #1 or #2 recruit guarantee a title?


If a college team has a recruit that was ranked #1 or #2 nationwide as a senior, does that guarantee champion success? Swish Appeal looks at the #1 and #2 recruits since 1994-95 and how well the...

Recruiting footprints for WBB schools


Is there a way to figure out how far schools go in terms of distance to recruit players? We give it a shot.

NCAA approves unlimited meals and other well-being provisions


"Today we took action to provide meals to student-athletes incidental to participation," Council chair Mary Mulvenna said. "I think the end result is right where it needs to be."


Huskers trying avoid BYU's upset bug

After being the lowest seed to advance, BYU wants to continue their tournament run a little farther, but first must take on a good Cornhuskers squad.

Cowgirls and Boilermakers battle for Sweet 16 bid


Oklahoma State and Purdue both want the Sweet 16, and will try to eliminate the other one for their shot in the Sweet 16.


2nd Round Preview: #1 Notre Dame vs. Zona St.


Arizona State looks to try and do what no one else has been able to do this season, beat Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish are 33-0 on the season.

Big South, Patriot League start WBB postseason


The post-season in women's basketball started yesterday, with games from Big South and Patriot League teams at the bottom of the brackets.

KK Houser's triumphant return on senior night

Less than a month ago, Purdue's KK Houser suffered what seemed like a season-ending ACL injury. Yet Houser made a triumphant return in Purdue's 82-66 win over Nebraska on senior night this past...

Interview: Catchings on Good Works Team, offseason

Swish Appeal had the opportunity to interview Indiana Fever star Tamika Catchings about the 2014 Allstate WBCA Good Works Team, what she's doing this offseason, and her foundation.

More major NCAAW games on ESPN today


Soooo much basketball to watch today!

The drawing power of visiting teams in women's BB

Which teams in women's college basketball are the best road draws? We can't answer that question authoritatively, but we can look at four of of the usual suspects for the 2013-14 season.

Joe Lacob on lack of competition in NCAA WBB

In a recent interview Golden State Warriors (NBA) owner Joe Lacob discussed his desire to own a WNBA team. At one point, he was presented with the opinion that women's basketball, unlike tennis and...

Handford comes up big again


On the edge of my seat and shaking the entire fourth quarter.

Yellow Jackets sting Cowgirls


In which age and experience outshine youth and fame.

Thompson comes up big for Wolverines


It's never too early for basketball... but sometimes it's awfully early for basketball.

Red Storm weather dogged Terriers


We thought this was going to be easy. It turned out to be a trap.

Vitale makes the case for the shot clock being the same in men's and women's college basketball


I also believe that we should have a shot clock the same as the women's game: 30 seconds. Not 35 - 30 seconds. But we get egos involved that make the rules and they say, 'Well we're not going to do what they do.' Why not take the best and make it the best?

From ESPN commentator Dick Vitale during the Kansas men's basketball team's win over Duke last night, following the point he made on Twitter calling for six fouls in college basketball.

Women's college basketball: Stuck in the red


Kristi A. Dosh at the Business at College Sports website explains why women's college basketball programs don't make money - and the answer has nothing to do with attendance or TV ratings.

Julie Del Giorno on development of women's hoops

In a career full of accolades on and off the court, it has been a big year for Julie Del Giorno. Just this past weekend, she was inducted into the U.S. Military Academy Hall of Fame. Afterwards,...

Athletics cost colleges (and thus taxpayers and students) millions


College sports create undeniable campus pride and identity, but spending has increased so fast it's taking money from academics and student services. Nearly every university loses money on sports. Even after private donations and ticket sales, they fill the gap by tapping students paying tuition or state taxpayers.

Video released reveals new information on Beth Burns' firing


"Beth told me she had been terminated for hitting a subordinate," said Jualeah Woods, Burns’ lead assistant, now at the University of Southern California.

U-T San Diego
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