Alyssa Thomas draws high praise from Army coach Dave Magarity

"I haven't been in the women's game that long. I came from the men's side. I coached the number two pick in the NBA draft, Rik Smits in college. She is one of the best players I have ever seen. In terms of her instincts, her ability. What an unbelievable nose for the ball. Just tremendous. She's so good in person. I knew she was good watching her on tape but I hadn't seen her live before. So that was in some ways a treat as a basketball person. It wasn't a lot of fun for these guys [indicating his players]. She's just unbelievable. But we did a pretty good job I thought of keeping her in front of us. We forced her into a couple of tough shots. We doubled her whenever we could. But to her credit, she had four assists. She found people. She's so unselfish. And she still goes for a double double."

From "Ferocious defense and hot shooting propelled Terps past Army 90-52" via Todd Carton of SB Nation's Testudo Times.

Cardinal and 'Noles fight for Sweet 16

2007 de javu rematch: Florida State will try to repeat the same feat that led them to their first Sweet 16 back in 2007.

NCAA Tournament preview: Stanford region

What makes the Stanford bracket most exciting isn't the host or surprising top seed, but the young sleeper with an explosive freshman star.

#10 Florida State upsets #7 Iowa State in Ames

Well, this one went pretty much as expected, though #10 FSU beating #7 ISU in Ames should still be considered an upset. While FSU can rejoice, Stanford can breathe a bit of a sigh of relief: FSU is obviously a tough opponent, but at least they won't have to contend with player ISU in front of a boisterous home crowd.

Dance Card: Syracuse, ACC at-large

May a steady starting lineup help them earn a NCAA Tournament win.

Dance Card: Georgia Tech, ACC at-large

Might want to box out Ty Marshall, if you get a chance.

Dance Card: Maryland, ACC at-large

If Thomas's teammates can consistently step up for her, allowing her to shine, Maryland can surprise some people. But if Thomas has to go it alone, the Terps could be a quick out.

Dance Card: N.C. State, ACC at-large

While their place in the field isn't a surprise, their run this season is a bit of one.

Dance Card: Duke, ACC at-large

The number two seed in UConn's region, again.

Dance Card: Florida State, ACC at-large

From the bubble to facing Iowa State in Ames for the first round the tournament.

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