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Queenie on Edge of Sports Radio: ND will win title

Queenie made an appearance on Dave Zirin's Edge of Sports Radio show to discuss the 2014 NCAA women's basketball tournament and predicted Notre Dame to win it all.

The 2013 Swish Appeal User Awards

Who had the most FanPosts, FanShots, and comments among our users? Find out here!

The best of Swish Appeal in 2013

With New Year's Eve upon us, we continue to reflect on the year that was. Today, we look at some of the most popular stories at Swish Appeal in 2013.

A look at all of Vox Media's brands besides SBN

Take a look at other great networks within the Vox Media family which range from technology news to fashion.

A December Comment Roll Call

Which comment got the most rec's so far this month? Now we know!

A Swish Appeal Glossary

Some terms and other cool things that we see in the comments by contributors and members alike.

Important notice on community guidelines

Some important rules on what is expected from you along with some detailed reasons why.

Reaction to the #3tosee thread & call for FanPosts

We like the reactions from both sides on how the Big Three rookies were marketed. But we also want you, the fans to write more posts on our site because we are a community of fans!

Happy Birthday Nate!

Also, network issues still aren't completely resolved yet but the sites are a LOT better!

The Best of Swish Appeal from 2012

The Swish Appeal team has selected some its the most discussed and widely shared of 2012 from our NCAA, WNBA, Olympics, and youth basketball content, which also just so happens to paint a picture of the year that was.


SB Nation United: A Preview Of Major Changes Coming To Swish Appeal Soon

You've already seen a taste of the future of Swish Appeal (and SB Nation United) with the recent unveiling of the new Swish Appeal logo - and a redesigned look for every site in the network. But...

A Sneak Peek At Swish Appeal's New Logo & The Future Of SB Nation

Today we unveil a new logo for Swish Appeal as SB Nation will soon be undergoing some major changes that will affect every site on the network. If you take a look around the network today - either...

Swish Appeal's 2011-12 College Basketball Coverage: Introductions & What We're Most Excited About

So college basketball season is upon us and we've gotten all of our coverage worked out Most exciting for the site as a whole as we enter our third year covering the college game is that we're...

SB Nation's iPhone App Update: Improved Comments, Android App Out By Holidays

SB Nation iPhone app - v1.1 demo from Mark on Vimeo. Back in August we introduced you to SB Nation's iPhone app. Well after taking stock of user feedback on the first app from across the SBN...

Get Swish Appeal on your iPhone with SB Nation's new app & a re-introduction to SBN's features

The SB Nation iPhone app is now available in the App Store! Best of all, it's Free! Now you can stay on top of all the latest news and commentary for Swish Appeal and all 300+ SB Nation blogs from your iPhone.

Swish Appeal's 2011 WNBA Coverage: Who's covering what and where

Rejoice: the WNBA season is almost upon us. And after a bit of a lull since the WNBA Draft, we've picked up the pace again over the last few days so that we're fully prepared for what should be a...

Some Re-Introductions & Invitations To Lurkers: The Names Have Been Changed To Expose The Innocent

Q McCall did not get kidnapped in his sleep and replaced with some clown named Nate. They are, shockingly, the same person. But no worries: whoever this person is, he still enjoys Love &...

Wikio Top Basketball Blogs Rankings: Swish Appeal Ranked #17

Obviously, the team here at Swish Appeal is passionate about women's basketball and takes some pride in what we do. But I have to admit, being notified that Swish Appeal is ranked #17 on Wikio's...

Dishin' and Swishin'....where it comes from and where we're going!

In 1995, two events happened that changed my world.  The first happened in March.  On a wonderful night, and day, and then night, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  My role that day was...

Swish Appeal: "the best general WNBA coverage of any site"

Mentions of Swish Appeal were made by both the WNBA and the Seattle Storm in their own publications today. Above, you will see mention of the Seattle Storm's Ashley Robinson and her recent...

Hello from the plains!

You are all in trouble now! Another crazy obsessed sporty chick that will be bombarding the site with stories about the Big 12. And, as you wonderful readers should already know, you need some...

"Swish Appeal Integrates Access With Analysis And Voice - Blog Huddle"

Swish Appeal Integrates Access With Analysis And Voice - Blog HuddleYes, it is "only" women's basketball which doesn't exactly have "mass" appeal but there's no denying the great work being done...

The Belated Intro Post

Every story has a beginning- it's just that the beginning of one story comes in the middle of someone else's.  To explain myself, and why I'm here, I have to go a little further back.So, in a...

Introducing Swish Appeal's Women's College Basketball Writers

As part of Swish Appeal’s transition to women’s college basketball coverage for the 2009-2010 season, we will be adding a few new writers. It's a little East Coast bias to counterbalance our West Coast bias.

Welcome to Swish Appeal

SB Nation launches a new site dedicated to women's basketball

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