Swish Appeal Community Mock Draft: Who should the Minnesota Lynx pick at #12?

The Minnesota Lynx won a championship last year, but they could also use some more roster depth. Their three rookies, who include Lindsey Moore (pictured) played sparingly in 2013. - USA TODAY Sports

Decide who the Lynx will pick as their first round pick in 2014.

With the 11th pick, the Community selected Tiffany Bias of Oklahoma State.

No comments from anyone besides the Boss and myself, but I'm letting it slide because the tournament was yesterday, and it's still going on right now.

And now we're at pick #12, which is also going to be our last pick in this Community Mock Draft. I won't add another prospect to the list from the prospects in the poll from yesterday, so, legggggooooo.

You are the Minnesota Lynx's General Manager, where you have just come off of a second WNBA championship in the last three seasons, and a third straight Western Conference Championship.

As a collective whole, the core of your roster still is in its prime. Therefore, your goal is to keep winning championships where the Lynx would win their third WNBA title in four seasons, and each of the last four Western Conference Championships.

The first step is to keep your core players in the Twin Cities, and you have done that. First, you extended veterans like Lindsay Whalen last season, and Janel McCarville, who signed a new deal with you earlier this month.

Then you retained guard Monica Wright, who originally signed an offer sheet with the Seattle Storm as a restricted free agent, which you matched.

Even though the core of your team, which includes Rebekkah Brunson, Seimone Augustus and Maya Moore is the best core group in the WNBA, you also know that age is undefeated. Your core isn't going to be playing at a top level forever.

Whalen and McCarville are now on the wrong side of 30, and Augustus will be 30 this summer as well. They shouldn't decline precipitously this year, but you don't want your head coach, Cheryl Reeve to run all the starters, Monica Wright, and to a lesser extent, Devereaux Peters to the ground too soon in the season.

And that gets us to the Lynx's weakness. It's depth. Sure, they have the best core in the league. As long as that group is there and healthy, the Lynx will be in the championship picture.

However, the three rookies on their team: Lindsey Moore, Sugar Rodgers, and Rachel Jarry, as well as reserve post Amber Harris played sparingly in 2013. In particular, you would like to find some more depth in the front court, because Peters the only frontcourt player there who is playing significant time off the bench.

The tough part about being the leader of a great team is that you get "penalized" with late first round draft picks, at least before trades are made. However, even though you expect this team to win it all once again for 2014, you also want to see better bench play, see Coach Reeve utilize younger bench players more effectively, and hopefully the player you pick can provide some relief for the starters this season.

With that said, who would you pick at #12 for the Lynx? Comment below and vote in the poll below!

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