Sparks Watch Day 23: Questions on the saga the day after Lacob's radio interview

Even though we haven't hit three weeks since Day 11 yet, it appears that the WNBA may be looking for other ownership options than Joe Lacob. But he is also probably among the richest and most passionate owners the league could want for the Sparks... - Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob gave an interview on KNBR-AM in San Francisco and has some passionate remarks about the WNBA and what a team in the Bay Area could mean. That's on top of his interest in owning the Sparks. But meanwhile the league doesn't appear to be doing anything. Why? And could this be considered "good news" for the Sparks fans who want to keep the team there?

So, let's ask the questions.

Why is the WNBA not saying anything on this for over THREE WEEKS?!

Laurel Richie and the WNBA are playing Mickey Mouse games with us and insulting fans' intelligence

On the surface, the WNBA is doing this to piss its fans off. But obviously, that's not true, even though fans are pissed off. Especially Sparks fans. Perhaps the league is in some legal matter and can't say much and there was a lawsuit regarding the team's previous ownership. But even then, the league could at least acknowledge that something's wrong, and that it is trying to fix the issue.

What makes this even more despicable is that there has been plenty of good news stories in the past couple weeks. The league promotes the San Antonio Stars' new sponsorship with H-E-B Supermarkets. The 2014 All-Star Game is in Phoenix. Angela Taylor is now the Dream GM. Then Fred Williams was hired yesterday as the Shock's new head coach.

What all this means is this. Laurel Richie and the WNBA are playing Mickey Mouse games with us and insulting fans' intelligence.

Just to show you how these games by the league look to us, I'll just have The Rock show that for us:

Really, it's that ridiculous. The league thinks that this problem will go away if they sweep the Sparks situation under the rug and instead talk about anything else BUT that.

Sorry, it isn't going away. That's why Sparks Watch is here in THE FIRST PLACE!

Is the WNBA holding out in order to try to find ownership, any ownership in Los Angeles?

This is a legitimate question. Even with Lacob being interested and basically telling people on the radio that he wants a WNBA team in the Bay Area, the more ideal situation is to see that the Sparks stay there for perpetuity. Even Lacob would seem to agree with that.

So perhaps the WNBA will wait as long as it possibly can for someone who wants to buy the Sparks and keep them there and it will only talk to Lacob when he threatens to walk away which also means the death of the franchise.

Still, let me take this a step further.

Is the WNBA trying to find a non-NBA team owner for the Sparks before going to Lacob as a "fall-back" option?

As we mentioned in Day 13, the WNBA has six NBA team owners and six non-NBA team owners. Adding another NBA team owner who replaces one of the smallest owners in the league could alter current CBA negotiations considerably.

So, perhaps the WNBA owners, in particular the non-NBA team owners who are smaller in terms of wealth may want to wait and see if another such owner will take over instead of Lacob.

Additionally, the Sparks' last owner, Paula Madison is a woman, and the WNBA as a women's sports league has an interest in seeing women own teams. So, if a woman, especially in the Los Angeles area wants this team AND wants to keep it there, that may be the type of owner the WNBA is looking for, more than Lacob, regardless of whatever desire he has to own the Sparks or any WNBA team. Getting another such owner will keep the current demographics of the WNBA Board of Governors the same, in terms of NBA team owners and those who don't.

Is the WNBA's and Golden State Warriors' lack of apparent progress good news for Sparks fans who want to see the team stay in LA?

On the surface it may sound good or give Sparks fans a reason to hold out hope that their team could stay in LA, and it's quite possible that the WNBA is looking for ownership to keep the team there before crossing t's and dotting the i's with Lacob. But really, it isn't, especially in a non-Big Four League.

At this point, I'd rather see the team be relocated to an owner who is passionate about the WNBA and has the resources and skills to make sure that team is successful, than see the Sparks get sold to another owner who is not able to invest more money to the players, or to an owner who is half-forced to buy something he or she doesn't want to buy.

In summary

These are some of the things that could be major reasons why the WNBA either isn't talking on this matter, and also why there may not be some significant progress in terms of getting the Sparks relocated to the Bay Area.

We also have to point out that the Warriors' two-three week timeframe happened in Day 11 of Sparks Watch. We aren't quite at the two week mark just yet, which would be Day 25. And on Day 32, that's when we will hit the three week timeframe.

There's still some time to close the deal. But time is of the essence, and the WNBA needs to realize that though LA is the best location for the Sparks, no one there seems to want the team except an NBA team owner in another city who is passionate about the league, its future growth, and who could be able to make it a business success as well.

What are your thoughts of the Sparks saga now? Feel free to speak in the comments below!

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