Cayla McMorris Blog Entry #2: The atmosphere at Wisconsin

Top-50 recruit Cayla McMorris had a chance to enjoy a farmer's market while visiting the University of Wisconsin campus. - Photo by Cayla McMorris.

Top-50 recruit Cayla McMorris announced yesterday via Swish Appeal that she'll be attending the University of Wisconsin. In her second guest blog, she briefly described what she liked about Wisconsin during her official visit to the school.

Going into my second visit to the University of Wisconsin, I went in with the same mindset prior to my last visit: I wanted to get a feel of the campus and what it would be like to go to school there. Since I’ve already been on the campus before for an unofficial visit, I knew how good an academic program Wisconsin offers, which again is a major plus in my final decision.

On the visit, I watched one of their workouts. Their workouts were really intense which I liked, because their coaches pushed them and that’s something I think makes athletes better.

The one thing I liked most about the visit was being around the team and coaches and getting to know them better. I went to a volleyball game with the team and the atmosphere was great, the amount of fan support was good to see! I had a blast!

Photo courtesy of Cayla McMorris.

On Saturday we went to the Farmer’s Market (which was really busy) and tried different flavors of fried cheese curds, then ate dinner and played some competitive games with the Badger Family at Coach Bobbie’s house. Throughout the whole visit I stayed in a dorm with a couple of the players, this gave me a better idea of what it would actually be like to live on campus.

This entire visit gave me a better chance to see what the atmosphere would be like outside of a "Wisconsin football" (away game) weekend.

For more on McMorris' recruiting process, check out her recruiting storystream.

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