Ode to the 2013 Silver Stars: A Poetic Tribute

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

To kick off some stuff on the Silver Stars from a more fan-based perspective, check this poem out if you haven't already. - Albert

Just a little shout out to my Silver Stars
To let everyone know they got a place in my heart.
This season they got dealt a lot of tough blows
But it gave them so many opportunities to grow.
First Sophia and Becky got hurt.
Then Becky came back, then Becky got hurt.
Then D-Rob went down with an injury to her MCL.
And it’s like "What the Hell?"
Davellyn stepped in after D-Rob went to the floor
But it wasn’t very long before her achilles partially tore.

Others had injuries along the way,
Like DMJ
Before she went to New York to play
And then there’s Jayne
Several times getting dealt pain.
It’s insane!
She missed a few games
But sometimes kept playin’
In that way
She could relate to DA
Cuz she played
With some pain along the way.
Can you imagine being Dan Hughes?
Trying to coach with all of these injuries must’ve given him the blues!
Even at the end, the injuries weren’t stoppin’
At the last game in street clothes sat Chelsea Poppens!

Cathrine signed on after the injuries
And started poppin’ threes.
Chelsea Poppens
Chelsea Hopkins
Both came into the mix after midway;
Ready to play
Havin’ to train on the job and learn along the way.
Must’ve been tough, but they did it anyway.

The Stars didn’t stop.
They still aimed for the top
And they scrapped and they fought
And rebounded and shot.
They stayed strong


So many highlights... or Starlights maybe I should say.
I remember that game
Where Meka saw BG try to finish a play
And said "No way!"
Sending the ball to the floor
Preventing the score!
Then BG went on Conan and said it had never happened before.
Now, BG, I love you, but give Meka her due!
A block is a block, and Meka said "BOOM!"
And we can’t talk about Meka
Without talking 'bout her hittin' those shots from deep, deepest, and even deeper!

Or how ‘bout that shot that D-Rob hit from top of the key?
That crazy, mid-range hook shot thing
On the historic pink court for Breast Health Awareness, or BHA
What about DA?
Dropping in a team record breaking 39!
In the last game of the season where they played so fine.
I’ll never forget that smile on her face
As she unlaced
Her kicks like a champ before leavin’ the place.
Or the many times Jia just came out of thin air
Like one second she’s here and the next she’s way over there!
And before anyone knows it she’s gone up the floor
Makin’ tracks with the rock and gettin’ the score!
Gotta give a lotta respect
To Jayne because she protects
More paint than a top coat and cleans more glass than Windex.
And of course there’s Shenise,
Like lightnin’ that’s greased
Flyin’ into the paint and dismantling the D!
Droppin’ some in from 3
Even runnin’ the offense if need be.

I guarantee next season
Kayla will be beastin’!
On blocks and boards and points in the paint she’ll be feastin’!
Dav will be a sophomore G
Nailin’ 3’s,
Splittin’ D’s
Like you wouldn’t believe
Droppin’ dimes, bringing other teams to their knees.
And don’t forget next year Sophia and Becky are back
To re-add two All-Stars to the Silver and Black

I saw them have some hard times but I also seen
The makings of a winner in 2014.
They made it through a rough one. The storm has been weathered.
And next season with all of the pieces together
Everyone will know that it’s the Stars’ time
Cuz the sky is no limit when every Star shines!

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