Top-50 recruit Cayla McMorris' Blog Entry #1: What I'm looking for in a college

Cayla McMorris with the coaches, parents, Brooke Kissinger and Shatrice White (UI commits) on the field at a football game during her visit. - Photo courtesy of Cayla McMorris.

Top-50 recruit Cayla McMorris began the process of visiting schools last week with a trip to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign campus. In her first guest blog for Swish Appeal, she discusses what she liked about Illinois and offers some insight into what she's looking for in a college.

Going to Illinois I wanted to get a better feel of the team, coaches and the college.

Do they have a good journalism program? I wanted to make sure that if something were to happen and I couldn't play basketball anymore would this be a school I'd like to attend? On the visit, I got a better feel of everything which is what matters most.

The one thing I liked most about the visit to Illinois is their journalism program. I got a chance to meet one of their professors and got a tour of the UI7 studio, which was really cool! Their journalism program is ranked 15th in the nation, which I think is really important because I want to get the best education possible.

They're also really successful at getting their students great internships over the summer. I thought the players and coaches were extremely nice. I was around the team a lot, we went to a football game, out to eat, to the movies, and I stayed in a dorm for a night.

Photo courtesy of Cayla McMorris.

I basically got a real feel of the college life. This definitely gave me a better perspective on Illinois.

After the visit, I learned a lot more about the academic side of the school and gave me a better idea of what I'm looking for in a college:

  • The coaching staff: How much do they care about their players?
  • Does my personality fit in with the culture of the team?
  • Asking the players how much they honestly like the college: Their opinion on what they like most and they dislike the most
  • Can I see myself being around these people everyday for the next 4 years?
  • Is the campus safe?
  • What are the housing assignments like?
  • How do the students treat the athletes on campus?
  • What is the fan support like at the games?

As I move forward with this process, these questions will be key to making my decision.

For more on McMorris and the other schools she's considering, check out the storystream on her recruiting process thus far.

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