Open Thread: Three games for Saturday starting at 6:00 PM ET

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Three more games tonight from East to West. Two are on NBA TV, and everything's on LiveAccess unless I say otherwise. There's also a free preview for it too by the way through this weekend.

1. Connecticut Sun (5-12) at New York Liberty (8-11), 6:00 PM ET

In the NYC region, turn on MSG Plus. This is not on NBA TV.

These two regional rivals will face each other off for the third time out of four games with the home team winning each game. Neither team at this point of the season appears to be playing more than the 4th spot out East, and for the last place Sun, this is a prime opportunity to gain some ground because they're playing the 5th place team.

2. Chicago Sky (13-5) at Indiana Fever (8-10), 7:00 PM ET

It's on NBA TV.

The Sky looks to match last season's win total tonight against the defending champs, who have won seven out of their last ten games. This could be a playoff matchup down the line as well.

3. Atlanta Dream (11-5) at Phoenix Mercury (9-10), 10:00 PM ET

It's on NBA TV as well.

Seeing the Mercury at third in the West isn't a shocker. But it is a shocker and a disappointment to see them at 9-10 is and only one spot ahead of the Seattle Storm, which seems to be working out on a machine that is more durable than most of us thought in the preseason. But now I digress.

The Dream is back on their first All-Star game since the All-Star Break, and would like to get a win out West, considering that their previous four game losing streak out west left them with a sour taste in their mouths, and they want to get back to the top spot in the East.

The Random SB Nation Song of the Day

I have said in a couple comments that I've been on vacation. I was in Toronto, Ontario, and I enjoyed being on the CN Tower, being in the PATH underground walkway, and touring the Hockey Hall of Fame among other things. This guy is from Ontario, but not from Toronto, but I still hear that he's Canada's Michael Jackson. Here's "All Around The World":

And it also just happens that Justin Bieber is performing at Verizon Center tonight. And like Taylor Swift and Beyonce among other big time artists, he scheduled his "Believe" Tour to be in DC multiple times, and tonight is his second trip with the first on November 5, 2012.

So there you have it. Enjoy tonight's games everyone!

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