Open Thread: DC plays New York at 7:00 PM ET

She sang in the Verizon Center this past Monday and Tuesday. And Kia Vaughn loves her music. - Scott Halleran

One game tonight, as the Liberty (7-11) heads to DC to face the Mystics (9-9) tonight at 7:00 PM ET. Game's on NBA TV nationally, and online on LiveAccess. In the DC area, you won't be able to watch NBA TV. Turn on Monumental Network for it.

For the Mystics, a win will get them past .500 and continue them on track for a playoff berth, something that I found unthinkable back in the preseason but I wonder if they're running in a marathon, a track, or on a piece of exercise of equipment. And for New York, a win will get them continuing to run on a piece of exercise equipment. Sorry Queenie and Ray.

Music to listen to:

Ivory Latta, who is the Mystics' unlikely star, has won her second Eastern Conference Player of the Week Award. She was the best performer in last week's All-Star game too for the East. For that we give her a "Whole Latta Love":

And this past Monday and Tuesday (yesterday and the day before), BeyoncΓ© Knowles came to Verizon Center for the Mrs. Carter Show. Kia Vaughn, our favorite helium voice talkin' center loves her arguably more than anyone out there:

And it looks like a number of Mystics players, if not the entire team plus Jessica Moore, were at the show maybe either the Monday or Tuesday one, at least from looking at some players' tweets:

Well, you know what that means? I have to play some BeyoncΓ©!

So where was this music lover who's typing this post? Well, I was preparing to go on vacation yesterday, and on Monday, instead of watching Beyonce that if I liked it I should have put a ring on it, I was watching the Wizard Girls Finals auditions at the Howard Theatre which is very close to Howard University.

Generally with Big Four League dance teams, I have been guilty of thinking that all the dance team members have to do is run on the court and look pretty (I know Shannon, time to play the poem!), but it's not as easy as it looks. Here's a video from Monumental Network this past March where Digital Correspondent Casey Phillips is a Wizard Girl for a game and shows what the dance team does. If you can't see the embed, click here.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

five, six, SEV-EN- GO!!!


That video was an omen for his re-signing!

So that's all I have on my plate. Enjoy the game everyone!





I don't know what's worse. Tweets that people put out at the wrong place at the wrong time, or yours truly finding ways to reach lower lows with each game thread...

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