2013 WNBA Referee Data : what we've got so far

Hannah Foslien

Box score data allows us to match the number of games WNBA referees officiate with the number of fouls that take place during those games.

This brief little article is a table of all of the referees that have officiated a game (so far) in 2013. We list the name of the referee, the number of games worked by that official, the average number of fouls that take place in games where that official is one of the three named officials, and the number of player technical fouls that took place in games associated with that referee.

Why haven't we included head coach technical fouls? The simple reason is that there's no easy way to add it to the automated data process that produces the numbers below. However, I felt that the information below would be of interest.

Also note that Total Player Tech Fouls says that X number of technical fouls have been assessed by the referee crew to which that referee belongs. We are not saying that Bryon Jarrett has called four techs. What we are saying is that in all 10 games where Byron Jarrett was a ref, four technical fouls were called. Maybe he didn't call any of the techs himself, maybe his crew members called all of those. The refs are sort of an "innocent bystander" to this stat, but in the case of refs like Lamont Simpson and Denise Brooks, I've sure that they must have called a portion of those Ts with which they're associated.

Fouls Games Fouls/Game Total Player Tech Fouls
Byron Jarrett 410 10 41.00 4
Tyler Ford 123 3 41.00 2
Cheryl Flores 163 4 40.75 4
Maj Forsberg 239 6 39.83 6
Thomas Nunez 504 13 38.77 5
Clarke Stevens 77 2 38.50 2
Roy Gulbeyan 456 12 38.00 11
Lamont Simpson 492 13 37.85 15
Jeff Smith 406 11 36.91 4
Lauren Holtkamp 368 10 36.80 1
Cameron Inouye 478 13 36.77 5
Eric Brewton 550 15 36.67 4
Billy Smith 401 11 36.45 5
Tom Mauer 435 12 36.25 7
Kevin Sparrock 326 9 36.22 7
Denise Brooks 614 17 36.12 12
Kurt Walker 359 10 35.90 9
Michael Price 427 12 35.58 8
Jeff Wooten 213 6 35.50 1
Tim Greene 246 7 35.14 3
Brenda Pantoja 421 12 35.08 7
Donald Hudson 140 4 35.00 1
Janetta Graham 139 4 34.75 0
Daryl Humphrey 450 13 34.62 8
Sue Blauch 374 11 34.00 0
Tiffany Bird 136 4 34.00 2
Tony Dawkins 442 13 34.00 7
Pualani Spurlock 135 4 33.75 2
Tiara Cruse 135 4 33.75 1
Amy Bonner 364 11 33.09 7

So if Diana Taurasi is lacing up her kicks, she must be really happy to see a crew of Janetta Graham, Sue Blauch and Lauren Holtkamp - the number of technical fouls assessed in games which they have officiated totals one.

Whereas if she sees Lamont Simpson, Denise Brooks and Roy Gulbeyan, the night might be over sooner than she thinks it will.

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