Open Thread: Two daytime WNBA games starting at 3:00 PM ET and Game 2 of the NBA Finals

Game 1 of the NBA Finals ended with a thrilling finish! - USA TODAY Sports

Two games in the WNBA today on LiveAccess and the NBA Finals continue on ABC tonight at 9:00 PM between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. Both matches in the W are rematches from last Friday.

Game 1: Atlanta Dream (4-0) at New York Liberty (2-2), 3:00 PM ET

If you're in the NYC area, turn on MSG+.

The Dream tries to continue its hot start by heading over to Newark to play the Liberty. The last time they met which was just....last Friday, it was a blowout in favor of ATL, and this time, the Libs want to settle the score, just like the Mystics did last night against the Lynx.

Game 2: San Antonio Silver Stars (2-1) at Chicago Sky (3-1), 6:00 PM ET

The Silver Stars handed the Sky its first loss last Friday at home. Now the Sky wants to even the series and continue solidifying its position in the Eastern Conference.

San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, 8:00 PM ET

Spurs lead 1 game to zippy.

Tony Parker had a great, and also lucky shot against the heat in the final seconds of Game 1 and I'm hearing LeBron saying, "we're tired." Come on LeBron! Everyone is tired at this point of the season, whether coming off of a seven game series against the Pacers, or even after NINE DAYS OF REST! Either way, the Heat will not be lethargic in Game 2, and I think the Heat should have the upper hand here. If they lose, the next three games at the AT&T Center will not be a fun experience.

For plenty more on the Finals, check out SB Nation's NBA Finals section. If you want to read more from team fan perspectives, check out our Spurs site, Pounding the Rock, or Hot Hot Hoops, our Heat site.

"Random" SB Nation jukebox songs of the day:

Today, everything is random.

First, some of you who British singer Ed Sheeran is, the dude who is singing with our "Official Unofficial solo female pop singer" on our site. Here is a music video of "Give Me Love" which was a Top 10 hit in Australia and a Top 20 song in the UK.

Many of you liked 2Pac's "Changes" video. The hook of the song came from Bruce Hornsby's song called "The Way It Is."

And the Mystics won yesterday against the league's best team on paper, and to be honest, Minnesota is a great team. I hear that this is the song that was blasting in the locker room, sung by none other than the Queen of Soul which was directed at all the Mystics haters who had them pegged squarely at last place, like most WNBA analysts and bloggers like the folks at SB Nation and me:

3r1n gets props for it.

So that's it my friends. Enjoy today's basketball games!

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