Open Thread: Three Games from afternoon to evening starting at 4 PM ET

Coach T and Tayler Hill have their home opener today. And hopefully Hill will be aggressive against Atlanta. - Ned Dishman, NBA

Today, there will be three games that begin in Washington and end in Washington (there's a pun here), and once again, Tayler Hill and the "Other Three" will be playing on the same day, or in nicer terms, the top four picks in this year's draft. All games are on LiveAccess unless I say otherwise.

1. Atlanta Dream (2-0) at Washington Mystics (1-0), 4 PM ET

If you are within 75 miles of Washington, DC and want to watch this game this game, you will be blacked out on LiveAccess. Instead, YOU MUST log online to Monumental Network and a link to the site is here. And if you are new to this site and are wondering why the Mystics have so few videos at, it's because the video content is at Monumental Network instead and the same goes for the Wizards and Capitals. But if you're a regular, you already knew that right? :)

Mike Thibault and the Washington Mystics host their home opener against a Dream team that has started off on the right foot. It's also the return of former Head Coach Julie Plank to Verizon Center as well and I bet she gets an ovation almost as loud as Coach Thibault will. Also for Atlanta, Jasmine Thomas returns to her hometown and former team.

2. Tulsa Shock (0-3) at Chicago Sky (2-0), 6 PM ET

The Sky started out on the right foot this season and would like to see this string of wins continue. For the Shock, the urgency to win has increased considerably at this point. And yeah, EDD plays Skylar Diggins! Easy game of the day to the casual fan!

3. Phoenix Mercury (0-1) at Seattle Storm (0-1), 9 PM ET

The Storm's fans looks to give Brittney Griner a warm welcome.... in the form of incessant boos, along with Phoenix's franchise guard Diana Taurasi. On paper, I still think Phoenix wins.

Song of the Day

We'll play some Maroon 5 with "Harder to Breathe" which was the group's first major song 11 years ago. Back when they were a rock band!

That's all. Enjoy the games.

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