Interview: Former Saint Bonaventure guard Jessica Jenkins on life overseas

Former Saint Bonaventure guard Jessica Jenkins is now adjusting to life overseas. - Photo by

Former St. Bonaventure guard Jessica Jenkins is now playing for Keflavik in the top league in Iceland. Swish Appeal had a chance to catch up with her and learn a little bit more about what life is like for a women's basketball player overseas.

Swish Appeal: What was your overseas experience like overall?

Jessica Jenkins: I had an excellent experience. I know people have different issues with the team, getting paid, etc but I had a pretty spotless experience. The town I was in really supported our club. My teammates were great (and spoke English which was a huge plus!). I can't say I care for cold weather but it was a mild winter so can't complain there!

SA: What was your biggest adjustment to being overseas?

Having so much down time and being in the gym alone rather than with teammates. Almost all of my teammates were either in school or worked so when I went to get extra work in I had to go alone.

SA: Describe life in Iceland and the biggest difference from the US?

The biggest difference was that during the winter it is dark almost all the time. A lot like Alaska is. That was the biggest difference. It might not sound like much but it isn't something I ever got used too. Also, everything is more expensive. A $5 foot long at Subway was almost $9. And the differences in price really hurt my shopping addiction too.

SA: What are your plans for the summer?

Work. Luckily my work becomes my work outs. I do a lot of player development with younger players and some college players throughout the summer. I also work at a few gyms too where I can use my personal training certification, but the player development is my favorite way to spend my off-season.

SA: Do you know what country you will head to next year?

Don't know yet. (I) will take my time to decide.

SA: Being so far away from home, what was the one thing you missed the absolute most?


SA: What is something that most fans don't know about the life about being overseas?

It isn't as glamorous as people might assume.

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