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We'll be tracking the 2013 WNBA Draft as it goes on tonight with pick-by-pick reactions.

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Round 3, Pick 12: Lynx take Waltiea Rolle

With the 36th pick in the draft, the Minnesota Lynx selected Waltiea Rolle.

We haven't talked about her all that much, but did summarize her as one of the draft prospects in the Bridgeport region.

Senior Waltiea Rolle is in the top 30 in the nation in block percentage with a strong 6.2% rate and that will probably draw the attention of general managers looking for someone to defend the rim, as Bemiss' rating suggests. On the other end of the floor, her offensive rebounding percentage (11.32%) is strong enough to suggest that she could compete on the boards.

The problem is that her scoring efficiency (51.04%) is beneath the threshold of a successful center prospect over the last few years and she neither gets to the line nor converts free throws very often considering her size. In the end, you can't teach height and it's likely that someone will look her direction on draft day.

For a bit more on how she compares to other center prospects, check out today's post.


Round 3, Pick 11: Conn. Sun select Andrea Smith

With the penultimate pick in the draft, the Connecticut Sun selected Andrea Smith of University of South Florida.

We haven't said much about her but she's Andrell Smith's twin and I wrote this about both of them shortly after the Elite Eight: "I'm not grouping these two players together solely because they're twins - they happen to fit a similar profile as draft prospects too. Both players are high-volume, low-efficiency shooters - both have usage rates over 27% and 2-point percentages under 42%."


Round 3, Pick 10: Ukranian Alina Iagupova to LA

From the Ukraine, Alina Iagupova averaged 35.5 points, 7.9 rebounds and 4.7 assists for Elizabeth-Basket during the 2012-13 season


Round 3, Pick 9: Indiana selects Jennifer George

The Indiana Fever selected Jennifer George of the Florida Gators with the 33rd pick in the draft.

She's most noteworthy because she can defend: she was on the 2013 SEC All-Defensive team.


Round 3, Pick 8: Whitney Hand heads to SASS

Wows: The Silver Stars reunited Danielle Robinson with fellow Sooner alumnae Whitney Hand. She finished her collegiate career third on the OU all-time list of minutes played per game (32.5) to go with 1,211 points with 164 3-pointers, 555 rebounds, 296 assists, 120 steals and 51 blocks in 104 games.The four-year team captain left Sherri Coale's program as a fan, coach and analysts favorite player dressed in Crimson and Cream.

Wonders: Since San Antonio doesn't have a NFL team, where will husband and former OU quarterback Landry Jones be playing this summer?

Worries: It's all about the injuries. She sat out a vast majority of the 2012-13 campaign after suffering a season-ending injury on Dec. 6. This was not her first go-round with injury, however, after sitting out all but six games in her sophomore season (2009-10) after tearing her ACL. With two ligament tears in her collegiate career, her knees are a definite cause for concern.


Round 3, Pick 7: Atlanta adds Ann Marie Armstrong

With the 31st pick in the draft, the Atlanta Drea selected Georgia's Ann Marie Armstrong.

You may remember her name because she made a big play in the Elite Eight against Cal.


Round 3, Pick 6: Seattle Storm adds Jasmine James

The Seattle Storm selected Jasmine James with the 30th of the 2013 WNBA Draft.

For a team that might be looking for a bit of point guard help with Sue Bird out for the season, this isn't a bad pick at all.

From a summary of her game shortly after her season ended:

She sort of fits the mold of scoring college point guard who could become a more efficient distributor in the pros when she's responsible for less of a scoring load and her athleticism really showed up in her steal percentage (4.36%). The problem is a very low scoring efficiency (44.64% true shooting percentage) and low offensive rebounding percentage (2.62%), which sort of undermine the rest of her profile.

For more on her performance in the Spokane region, check out our recap of what she contributed to Georgia's upset of Stanford.


Round 3, Pick 5: Angel Goodrich heads to Tulsa

The Tulsa Shock selected Kansas Jayhawks point guard Angel Goodrich with the 29th pick and that might have been a bit of a steal. How much so?

We had a writeup ready for her sometime in the second round as follows:

Wows: She was a stunningly efficient passer for Kansas late in the season and into the tournament and she really knows how to run a team. She makes solid decisions in transition.

Wonders: Will size be a problem for her? How much will that affect her ability to defend? College teams tried to post her up with bigger guards and there's little question that pro teams will be the same.

Worries: She was not an efficient scorer in college and though she has a knack for coming up with big scoring games, she can also be shut down when teams turn her into a jump shooter.


Round 3, Pick 4: Brooklyn Pope joins Chicago Sky

The Chicago Sky drafted Baylor Lady Bears forward Brooklyn Pope with the 28th pick.

We've had a few discussions about how many Baylor Lady Bears players would be drafted and we now have an answer: 2. For a bit more on Pope, take a look at our post on forward prospects.


Round 3, Pick 3: NY Liberty take Olcay Cakir

Olcay Cakir already has her own Wikipedia page! It has not yet been updated to show that she has been drafted by the New York Liberty.

She has most recently played for Fenerbahce Instanbul.


Round 3, Pick 2: Mercury select Nikki Greene

The Mercury selected Penn State center Nikki Greene with the 26th pick over in the WNBA Draft.

She was included in this morning's post about centers and she had the best offensive rebounding percentage of any center major center in this draft.


Round 3, Pick 1: New York takes Shenneika Smith

The New York Liberty selected Shenneika Smith of the St. John's Red Storm with the 25th pick in the draft.

For more on Smith, visit our overview of her game from before the tournament.


Round 2, Pick 12: Lynx select Chucky Jeffery

Wows: Chucky Jeffery was a do-it-all player for the Colorado Buffaloes this past season and is a strong defender who knows how to use her length and quickness to make plays. And she has the size to continue to do some of the thing she showed in the Pac-12.

Wonders: How likely is it that anyone picked here would make the Lynx roster?

Worries: She wasn't very efficient as a scorer or distributor, which just makes it unclear what her role will be. But as some NBA players have said on draft day occasionally, her position is "Basketball Player aka Baller." Look forward to watching her progress in training camp.


Round 2, Pick 11: Connecticut selects Anna Prins

Wows: Anna Prins is a big who could stretch the floor a bit as a 28.1% 3-point shooter.

Wonders: She has a slender build so it will be interesting to see how she competes with the more physical players of the WNBA.

Worries: Prins wasn't on our draft lists because she's not a particularly efficient scorer overall and didn't rebound for a player so tall.


Round 2, Pick 10: L.A. selects Brittany Chambers

Wows: She had 310 3-point attempts this past season and made 37.7%, which is not bad. The Sparks have clearly identified 3-point shooting as a need today.

Wonders: She's yet another point guard who was an inefficient distributor, but part of that could've been that she was also a player who was relied upon for scoring quite a bit.

Worries: The worries are all about efficiency. Can she become a more efficient point guard in the WNBA or make it as a 3-point shooter at 5'8"?


Round 2, Pick 9: Indiana selects Jasmine Hassell

Wows: She is a powerful scorer on the low block and one of the more efficient scorers in the post in this draft.

Wonders: For a player that made her name as a power player there might be a bit more of an adjustment than some of the others selected with better rebounding numbers. So how expansive is her game?

Worries: She had a very low personal foul efficiency which has doomed post players in the past, but moreso centers than power forwards.


Round 2, Pick 7: DC selects Emma Messerman

Not a Division I player, but James Bowman has a little info on her in the open thread.


Round 2, Pick 6: Seattle selects Chelsea Poppens

Wows: Chelsea Poppens is another dominant rebounder and will compete for a roster spot. Without putting her through a combine test, she might be among the strongest players in this draft.

Wonders: She picked up a lot of fouls at Iowa State. Will that be a problem in the WNBA?

Worries: She did cut down on her turnovers quite a bit in her senior year, but she still bobbled the ball when she received it in the post quite a bit.


Round 2, Pick 5: DC selects Nadirah McKenith

Wows: Love this pick for the Mystics. I had McKenith rated ahead of Bentley or Whyte as a point guard in this draft. And the reason is that she maintained a strong assist ratio despite having to score so much for her team. She has pretty strong potential as a WNBA point guard. And just because this probably won't get talked about much, she rebounds very well for a point guard.

Wonders: She's not a very strong 3-point shooter, but that doesn't always doom point guard prospects.

Worries: So maybe I've been listening to Queenie and Starkman too much, but I really like McKenith as a point guard. The only concerns I've had is that at times she can get too aggressive. But again, the reason for that was St. John's needed her to score a lot. She has the makings of someone who can contribute at the WNBA level.


Round 2, Pick 4: San Antonio picks Davellyn Whyte

Wows: She's a dominant athlete at the point guard position and her ability to get herself to the line to score really helps her. Defensively, she has always had a strong steal percentage.

Wonders: Can she become a more efficient distributor? What will she do if she isn't the focal point of an offense?

Worries: She was an extremely turnover prone point guard this year. You have to wonder if she can become a more efficient distributor at the next level.


Round 2, Pick 3: New York selects Kamiko Williams

Wows: Man, I love this pick by New York. She's a great defender, a smart player, and just does the little things to win.

Wonders: She was another low usage player and they haven't done well in the WNBA. How efficient will she remain in the WNBA? What role will she fill in the WNBA? I would say this is too high for Williams but it's not exactly clear who good she can become.

Worries: There isn't really a serious concern about Williams aside from the fact that a lot of her offensive efficiency was due to her being a low usage player.


Round 2, Pick 2: Minnesota selects Sugar Rodgers

Wows: She shoots the ball a lot. And she has a very quick release to do it.

Wonders: Will she become a more efficient scorer in the league as she enters a situation with better teammates where she isn't expected to shoot so much? She was the offense for Georgetown this year so she had to shoot.

Worries: Low efficiency players have a bad track record in the league. There's not much more to say about that. Rodgers would be bucking the trend a bit if she made the league although her steal rate suggests high athleticism that should help her.


Round 2, Pick 1: Atlanta selects Alex Bentley

Wows: She's extremely quick and had among the highest steal percentages in the nation. That allowed her to slice through the defense as well as any PG in this draft to set up teammates for shots and she can be deadly in transition, nice fit for Atlanta.

Wonders: She wasn't an especially efficient distributor and had a low assist ratio compared to past point guard prospects. How efficiently will she be able to run a pro offense?

Worries: The big knock on her is her scoring efficiency and her inconsistent jumper. At her size, that could make it very difficult for her to be an effective offensive player.


Round 1, Pick 12: MInnesota selects Lindsey Moore

Wows: She was the most efficient point guard in this draft when looking at scoring and passing. And she was an outstanding 3-point shooter.

Wonders: Is there a better mentor for her than Lindsay Whalen?

Worries: The only real concern about her is her quickness with the ball in her hands. She sometimes struggled to advance the ball and get the Cornhuskers into their offense against quicker guards.

For more reaction to Moore's selection, visit SB Nation's Nebraska site Corn Nation.


Round 1, Pick 11: Connecticut selects Kelly Faris

Wows: Faris went from an extremely low usage player who was on the border of being a strong prospect to an astronomically high efficiency player who knows how to navigate space, knock down threes, and set up teammates. And defensively she was responsible for helping to shut down Notre Dame's perimeter players in the Final Four.

Wonders: The only real question is whether she'll have a bigger immediate impact on defense or offense as she makes the transition to the league. She has all the tools to be a player right away.

Also, how many UConn players does this team really need?

Worries: Does it matter that she's still such a low usage player? No player with a usage rate as low as hers has really made an impact in the league since the change to 11-player rosters so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.


Round 1, Pick 10: L.A. Sparks select A'dia Mathies

Wows: Mathies is a really athletic player who shot over 40% from 3-point range this year while also improving her ball handling efficiency a bit.

Wonders: How well will she defend at the pro level? She has all the tools but sometimes picked up some bad fouls at Kentucky, which took her out of the game.

Worries: Mathies is definitely not a distributor and at 5'9" will have to finish better around the basket. Will that limit her productiveness in the WNBA?


Round 1, Pick 9: Indiana selects Layshia Clarendon

Wows: She is an outstanding mid-range shooter. It's not just a good mid-range J - it's almost automatic. That she can score at the rate she does without turning the ball over is huge.

Wonders: Size, maybe? Can she develop a three point shot? How quickly can the Fever add sets that cater to her skills?

Worries: Clarendon is billed as a combo guard but struggled when she had to play point guard early in her college career. At 5'9", could that be a limitation?


Round 1, Pick 8: San Antonio picks Kayla Alexander

Wows: Possibly the most well-rounded post player in this draft after Brittney Griner. She can score and was an elite shot blocker this year as well. Although there has been centers without great offensive rebounding to succeed in the league in the past, there's a good chance that her rebounding ability will significantly help her as well.

Wonders: Does it matter that she recorded so few assists in her senior year? Others have succeeded in spite of that, but it'll be interesting to see how her passing ability plays out in the future.

Worries: Here's the amazing thing: she doesn't really have a statistical weakness. The only concern might be how well she plays man defense given that she played a lot of zone at Syracuse.


Round 1, Pick 7: New York selects Toni Young

Wows: How about being an Olympic-caliber athlete? She didn't quite make the London Olympics, but that jumping ability has translated into outstanding offensive rebounding in college. If a team can get her opportunities to score in transition, she could be a very productive player.

Wonders: She has a slender build so will strength be an issue at all? Is it possible that she's quick enough and has the instincts to defend out on the perimeter? That versatility could really help her stick around.

Worries: She was not a very efficient scorer at the college level and that has been a good sign for power forward prospects in the past. Part of that might be that she's a bit more of an inside-out player than most power forward prospects, but how she's able to score at the WNBA level will be interesting to watch.


Round 1, Pick 6: Seattle selects Tianna Hawkins

Wows: Hawkins is a dominant offensive rebounder and will probably contribute that right away. That she maintained that offensive rebounding rate, or close to it, while also remaining so efficient as a scorer is impressive.

Wonders: How much more can she expand her scoring range in the WNBA? She has developed 3-point range at this point and even if she doesn't become a reliable long range shooter in the WNBA, she definite has a chance to become a great pick-and-pop threat.

Worries: Her biggest concern is really a her low personal foul efficiency. How easily will she be able to defend WNBA posts? Will fouls be a problem in the pros as well? We'll have to see exactly what that means for a power forward prospect.


Round 1, Pick 5: New York selects Kelsey Bone

Wows: Bone is a physical specimen who has the potential to become a dominant big in the WNBA. She's an efficient scorer and solid offensive rebounder, which bode well for future success for any college player.

Wonders: How much does the low free throw rate matter? That's usually a sign of a player who's passive around the basket and Bone is anything but that.

Worries: Turnovers and foul trouble are the biggest concern for Bone and her numbers were below that of a typically successful center. It's hard to imagine her not making an impact in the league, but those numbers suggested it might be a limited impact.


Round 1, Pick 4: Washington selects Tayler Hill

The Washington Mystics have selected Ohio State star Tayler Hill, a 5'10" guard from Minneapolis as their first round draft pick. Hill is the fourth pick in the 2013 Draft, and is considered to be one of the top guards in the draft class.


Round 1, Pick 3: Tulsa Shock select Skylar Diggins

Wows: Diggins' ability to simply will Notre Dame to victory has been absolutely remarkable to watch throughout her career and that will to score figures to be her immediate contribution at the next level as well. Defensively, she had an outstanding steal percentage and will fit really well with the aggressive defensive style that the Shock played last year.

Wonders: She does commit quite a few turnovers and took a lot of risks, but that's part of being a great point guard. The only question is how many wins she can add to the team with the way she plays.

Worries: How efficient will she be as a distributor? As a volume scorer in college, she might be one of many who becomes a more efficient distributor when she has less scoring responsibility in the pros. But it will be interesting to watch.


Round 1, Pick 2: Chicago selects Elena Delle Donne

Wows: A 6'5" guard who shoots threes at 45%? She's going to score and do so quite a bit. Her floor is as a spot up shooter, but it's hard to not imagine her starting for the majority of her career.

Wonders: Yes, she played mid-major competition which might have inflated her numbers a bit, but is it possible that she becomes an even more dangerous scorer when she isn't facing double teams?

Worries: How well will she be able to defend the perimeter at the WNBA level? Will that be an issue in terms of figuring out lineup combinations with her?


Round 1, pick 1: Phoenix selects Brittney Griner

Wows: Griner is an extremely efficient scorer all year and figures to make a major impact as a scorer right away. That she has become such an efficient ball handler is an equally significant accomplishment as she is well-positioned to learn how to adjust to double teams.

Wonders: How much does her average offensive rebounding rate matter? It hasn't mattered much for centers in the past, but it has been the one major question for her throughout her careeer.

Worries: Strength and her ability to guard players in space in pick-and-roll situations or switches. Obviously these are things she can improve but they did affect her game at times in college.


The final 2013 WNBA Draft board

We'll be tracking the 2013 WNBA Draft as it goes tonight, but here is a final draft board after all that analysis over the past few months.

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