Skylar Diggins attends HS basketball game, gets involved in Twitter brouhaha


A HS game on Saturday meant to retire former player Skylar Diggins's jersey involved a shoving match on court and later, heated tweets from Diggins.

Normally, when a WNBA player attends a girls high school game, you might expect her to:

* meet one of the teams
* say a few words about the importance of academics, good health, and self-esteem
* take a picture
* maybe sign a basketball or a few autographs.

However, according to WSBT TV (South Bend, IN) and Deadspin, a game this Saturday between South Bend Washington HS and Oregon-Davis HS in Indiana where Diggins was having her jersey retired turned ugly when an Oregon-Davis player's shove of a Washington player after the whistle was blown resulted in that player getting punched in the head.

The coaches, trying to restore order, got into a heated mid-court argument (including the assistants, and Indiana HS rules prohibit assistant coaches from being on the court).  Crowd members started coming onto the floor, but the police and school staff kept things from escalating and restored order.

There was initially a link on YouTube, but you can see the ugliness in a link provided by WSBT.

Rumor initially had it that Diggins was ejected from the game for her behavior, but Washington head coach Maurice Scott claims that Diggins was removed for her protection.  Social media (not exactly unbiased) claimed that Diggins was shouting profanity at opposing players and fans after the incident.  (The WSBT link doesn't have any of that.)

Diggins then exchanged angry tweets with Kelsey Minix, a former player at Oregon-Davis, after the game.  (Minix's tweets are listed as "protected" but Deadspin has access to some of the tweets between the two of them before they were deleted/hidden.)  As for Skylar Diggins's twitter account, the only tweet left that refers to the incident is this one:

Hmm.  It appears that Diggins forgot rule number one - rise above it all.  The lesson is that just about anything you tweet these days is there forever, despite attempts to bury the evidence.  Hopefully, Jay-Z's new Roc Nation Sports agency is working on her Diggins's Twitter management skills in addition to repairing her 32.8 percent shooting percentage.

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