Should the WNBA Draft Lottery be modified or eliminated?

If the WNBA goes to a predetermined order for future Drafts, we won't have to worry about tanking anymore. - NBA Images

Let's talk about it.

Earlier this week, the NBA has been considering a way to eliminate the current Draft Lottery system, and instead implement a new type of system where the ordering of the Draft is predetermined, so that a team is guaranteed a #1 pick once every 30 years, since there are 30 teams according to Zach Lowe on Grantland.  Then every team would get a top six pick every five seasons, and a Top 12 pick once every four years.  Doing this should help encourage teams to build with youth and if you read this site regularly, you know I advocate that.

Most of all, the purpose of this system would be to deter "tanking" by teams to try to increase their chances of a Top 3 pick in the following year's draft.

If the proposal is accepted by the NBA team owners, it will not take effect until all pending trades involving future draft picks have been consummated, so it wouldn't happen for at least several years from now.

So, for the purposes of this site, I personally think that the WNBA Draft Lottery needs to be modified as well, and it could be implemented much sooner because teams are much more hesitant to trade future first round picks away.

First reason is kind of simple.  Currently in the 12 team league, it is possible for a team with the most chances at the number one pick to end up picking fourth, just like in the NBA.  When there are 30 teams in a league, falling from first to fourth certainly hurts, but the talent is spread out more so the blow is not as large.  But a first pick vs. a fourth pick in the WNBA is more significant due to the lower number of teams and it could really hurt a rebuild for a team in that situation.

We already saw two teams with the worst records pick fourth in the following year's draft with the Tulsa Shock doing so in 2012 and the Washington Mystics doing so in 2013.  While the Tulsa Shock was in the middle of a rebuilding effort when they received their fourth pick, who has so far looked like a steal, you can make an argument that the Mystics getting the fourth pick in the 2013 Draft significantly hurt their rebuilding efforts and could keep them meddling for some time to come.

One of the roadblocks to altering the Draft Lottery and turning it into a wheel format is the possibility of expansion, where the chances of this happening in the WNBA are considerably higher than it is in the NBA, at least on the surface.  Where would the new team(s) pick in their first year, and what modifications will be made to the order after that?

So, now everyone, what method or methods would you do to alter the WNBA Draft Lottery or the system as to the ordering of the Draft?  Comment below!

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